Appalachian Tarot Card: "The High Priestess"

  • $12.00

Our Appalachian Tarot card series features original illustrations celebrating the magic and mystery of Appalachian folk life and lore.

About the High Priestess Card:
The Priestess represents the bridge between light and dark. She is a spiritual guide who embodies deep-rooted secrets regarding the key elements of life: birth, growth, health, communion, and death. She is usually pictured with water, which represents the flow of knowledge and spirit.

She brings balance and represents the mother or grandmother in spirit. She is often regarded as the female version of the Magician.

Our version pays homage to our "Granny Witch" grandmothers who aligned their lives to the phases of the moon. These women made use of the herbs and wild plants they found in the mountains to cure ills, promote vitality, and ward off evil spirits.

They wove together elements of both ancient and modern religions as well as folk wisdom, giving birth to a unique spiritual practice based on the interconnectedness of life and soul.

Though the High Priestess is traditionally pictured with the scroll of knowledge, we omitted that element. Although they were more than willing to teach their traditions, it would have been highly uncharacteristic for our grandmothers and great aunts to commit their secrets to paper. Just ask any Appalachian grandma to make a copy of her recipes for you --- they don't exist outside her memory and instinct!

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