About Us

Holler Creative Company is a design goods company based in West Virginia. Our art is primarily inspired by life in the Appalachian Mountains. We believe Appalachians are fiery, diverse, and resilient folks and we try to reflect that in our work. We're an online "mom and pop" shop owned and operated by Jess and Andrew Vodden. 

About Jess and Andrew

Jessica Vodden and Andrew Vodden

Jessica Vodden 

Jess is a creative professional with more than a decade of experience in marketing, design, and communications. She is the founder and principal of Vodden Labs and Studio, a human-centered design and marketing firm. 

Jess makes the folk art and design goods we offer in the Holler shop. She also created the art for the All Kinds are Welcome Here campaign, an amazing community outpouring of love, kindness and acceptance that has spread across the Mountain State.

Jess is a lifelong West Virginian originally from Spencer (Roane County). She's a graduate of Marshall University and earned her masters online at the University of Colorado.  

Stay in touch with Jess

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Andrew Vodden

Andrew does all of the hard work of keeping track of where our various contributions to community causes go... and getting the donations there on time. His tireless efforts are the only reason our Good Works Shop can exist!

He's been working on his bio since 2018 :)